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Joomla SEO Tutorials for Search Engine Optimization and Other Facilities

Joomla is an open source content management system highly appreciated by users. Joomla SEO tools can help in optimization of the site for other search engines like yahoo or google or MSN and many more.
The Joomla 1.5 version has undergone certain improvements from curso joomla bootstrap SEO perspective. Let us discuss in details about these advancements:-

a) The search engine friendly (SEF) URLs can be activated without using Apache Mod_Rewrite.

b) The addition of suffix (.html) to the URL is no doubt an added facility.

c) Before the feature was such that global site name, global site meta description and global site keywords were automatically getting added. However, the improved version has acted upon this feature thus preventing automatic addition.

d) Each and every content is provided with unique titles, meta descriptions and keywords.

According to point (a), you can enable search engine friendly URLs as follows:

Servers which do not support Apache Mod_Rewrite can be able to activate the SEF without it.

Servers supporting the Apache Mod_Rewrite can utilize it to activate the seach engine features.

To activate the SRF URLs, you need to follow some basic steps like:

Login to the Administrator Area and then choose the Global configuration. You will be provided with SEO Settings where you need to select appropriate options. If you want to use the Apache Mod_Rewrite , select ‘Yes’ for Search Engine Friendly URLs while set ‘No’ for the same if you are using servers which don’t support Apache Mod_Rewrite . Don’t forget to SAVE the settings. If you don’t want to add suffix to URL’s, set ‘No’ against this option so that the component name and item id will be removed from the URL.

As discussed in point c, you no longer need to remain satisfied with the default global meta descriptions or keywords which used to get added automatically before this improvement. Now you can access the Metadata Information option from the administrator area. Then you can add unique keywords and description to give exact idea of contents created by you. However, avoiding this step will provide you Global meta descriptions and keywords by default.

Some useful SEO tools are Back Links Checker, Google Data Center, Google Pagerank, Search Index, Keyword Density / Suggestion, Link Popularity and so on.

The SEO tools are extremely helpful in achieving a high search engine position.