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Argentina Getaways 2017

It feels like your still dreaming. You wake up and find yourself in a cozy little cottage in the middle of a lush tropical garden. Rustic, cypress beams support the exposed wood ceilings and the floor is covered with authentic mexican terracotta tile. The scent of the tropical flowers outside mixes with the intense comfort you feel lying in bed under these French cotton sheets. You just want to stay here all day, but you remember that you have a class this morning to learn how to make authentic Argentina Empanadas.

Welcome to Argentina. A place where you can get away for much less than you would expect and enjoy living for a change. Think about the excitement you will have when you go back home and show your friends how to make all types of authentic empanadas like beef, corn-filled, vegatable empanadas or even ham and cheese empanadas. And picture their suprise when you tell them you took tango lessons while on vacation.

lugares turisticos en entre rios colon has plenty to entice you into coming and discovering a life you have only dreamed about. You don’t want to miss tasting some of the most exotic Argentina wines in a special wine tasting session given along with your cooking class.

When you are ready to venture out into Argentina you will find plenty of activities to entice you. The bustling activity of Buenos Aires can offer you things like Antique Markets, Outdoor Shops, Street Fairs, Local Restaurants, Museums and Art Galleries. If you prefer to venture out into the countryside, you will find many tour guides ready and willing to provide you with information on day trips. A great place to visit is nearby Colonia, Uruguay, just across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires. Founded as the only Portuguese settlement along the Rio de la Plata, it is rich in Portuguese architecture and genuine cobblestone streets. Colonias unique winding streets and colorful houses make this a charming place for a days escape.

If you prefer to explore the natural surroundings of Argentina, a catamaran can take you floating down the riverways to the islands of El Tigre. Here you will find a series of islands waiting for you to visit.

And when you have returned to your private cottage from a day of adventure like none other you have ever experienced, imagine curling up in a nice comfortable bed with that special someone in your own little oasis in the forest.

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